Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My first Blog Ever, Ever!

Hi. So my name is Gabrielle Sierra. I am 23 years old and I live in Greenwich Village NYC. Pretty exciting, I know.
I have a hard time validating this type of stuff; I feel as if I am asking everyone to take a specific interest in my life, and why should my life be any more important or exciting than your own?
Well it is. Just kidding it isn’t. Maybe it is, I don’t know. Anyway.
Maybe if I explain my motives to you (and validate them to myself) I can feel more comfortable starting this blog. Lets make a short list.

A. I feel that I am an identifiable character. I am a girl in her twenties, living in a teeny tiny apartment with a loft bed. I have friends, a dog, a boyfriend, and I am working a job that makes me want to dig my eyeballs out. This allows me to tell stories/debate issues/ ask questions that everyone could relate to at one angle or another, and it’s always nice to find someone with similar stuff going on. Plus I go out, I go to restaurants, I drink too much, I go to concerts and museums and galleries. I can tell you what I think rocks and what I think sucks and you can agree or hate me for it.

B. I want to be/am a (struggling) writer. New York City (and Greenwich Village) is filled with people just like me, trying to figure out how to make it by being an artist type, and figuring out how long to keep going. Blogging seems to go hand in hand with wanting to make it in writing. And you can have a front row seat to my failure, or success, or selling out. And who doesn’t enjoy a little voyeurism?

C. I don’t keep a diary. My handwriting sucks, and I’m incredibly antsy all the time so this will now be my diary. And who wouldn’t want to snoop around in someone else’s diary?

That’s my list. My plan is to keep track of stuff in my life; don’t worry I am not Julia Allison, nor will I pretend/try to be.

So okay then. Gabrielle will cure all that ails ya.

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