Friday, April 11, 2008

Top five women I wanted to be when I grew up:

1. Jessica Rabbit

Yes she was with Roger Rabbit who was totally like three leagues below her, but clearly she had depth because she loved him for his good heart. That and no cartoon was more sexy in a grown up movie; even the real humans wanted to bang her. I used to walk around the house and wave my 'hips' and say "Honey" and "Baby" all sexy-like to my dogs.

2. Rogue

Again I managed to choose a very busty cartoon to emulate; however, she was kick ass. Not only did she have a sweet accent, insane strength, and a skin tight costume, BUT she was capable of draining men of all their powers. That's amazing. Plus she loved Gambit and so did I.

3. Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth

It was my dream to find a world much more romantic and mystical than my own, plus she was just bratty enough for me to identify with. And the whole time she gets to hang out with trolls, monsters, Bluto, and David Bowie's giant bulge.

4. The Queen of Hearts

Oh what power.

5. Catwoman

Black leather, whip, ability to kick ass in giant heels. Okay so I had a child-like interest in S&M, but come on the woman oozed kinky sex which is something you can sense when you are 9 but can't figure out why you are attracted to it. Catwoman was also the only woman to really have a hold of batman's heart. I loved tortured souls when I was a kid and she was the sexiest one.

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