Monday, April 21, 2008


So I am off from work today which is really awesome. My Jewish boss forces me to take these days off, but everyone else in the office has to come in. (Besides him, of course) Not that he really has to force me; generally, when he tells me that I have to take off I respond by saying "Thats awesome! Thanks Jews!" and then I do a little dance. (I don't know how much longer I can do this without him slapping me. ) He says that since my mother is Jewish it doesn't matter that my father is a Catholic Puerto Rican, so here I sit at home at Erica's computer since mine isn't stealing any Internet right now.

 I actually have a lot to do today, but I figured that since I am going to California for 4 days on Wednesday, I should try to get in as many blogs as I could. (Yay Coachella!!)

On Saturday I had to go to Long Island for Passover. Highlights?
1. Grandma eating dog food 
2. Cousin (also 83 years old) trying to eat the same dog food. She's not senile like my grandma, she just thought the dog food was hazel nuts.
3. Witnessing a conversation about online dating and blow jobs between my mother, my aunt and my cousin. 
4. Getting drunk with my father and listening to him ramble about terrorists. 
5. Listening to my uncle's mother talk about how bombing Hiroshima was 'an amazing decision'. 
6. Trying to read the passover prayer stuff aloud while Grandma yells at everyone "Who are you talking to? Why are you talking? Shut up all of you!"

That night I went back to my parents house to see my dog Zoey. She is that adorable creature in the picture next to my profile. My roommate's and I got Zoey while up in college after having our house broken into while we were home watching TV. While at school the dog instantly became mine and has lived with my parents since I graduated. I know that's really bad-mother-pet-owner of me and I would do anything to have her with me here in the city, but living in a tiny apartment with a roommate doesn't really give you much freedom to bring your pit bull along. Anyway, my baby girl is sick. She is only 5.
I've had dogs all my life but I have never been as attached to a creature as Zoe. She is the sweetest thing in the whole world and seeing her too weak to stand was extremely hard. We had to pound on her chest for ten minutes three times a day to try to break up some of the gook in her chest and she wasn't eating or drinking. Anyway we thought she was getting better after being in the hospital a few days ago but my mom had to take her back today. They called her condition 'guarded' and are bringing in a specialist to see her as they don't know whats wrong. I feel horrid. And so helpless. 

Its amazing what sort of unconditional love you can have for another living thing; it scares the shit out of me for how I will/would feel when/if I ever have a child. To love something so much so blindly, it's very disarming. Anyway, please keep your fingers crossed for my pup. she's a good girl.   

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Member #18 of the Official Teen Beat Paul Walker Fan Club said...

reading this blog post made me think of a movie i saw recently. it was during a paul walker mini-marathon i was watching on tv. the movie was eight below. its about these people. and some dogs. its a great showpiece for pauls wide range of acting prowess. i dont want to spoil the story but it definitely helped me to empathize with how youre feeling. did you know that paul actually prefers cats to dogs? even still, im positive he would join me in praying for your dog to recover. hes such a caring person.