Friday, April 18, 2008

Today Today

So, a few things have happened today.

1. My friend (and my number one blog supporter) Marc drew a picture of me. (See left)

2. A homeless man yelled a story to the back of my head while I was reading in the park. Well actually he was yelling at a picture in my book which he seemed to believe was real. Something about Vietnam and lying store clerks who tell you that you can have anything in the store but when you go to take it they call the cops so that's why you have to kill everyone. The picture was of Katherine Hepburn holding a monkey.
3. Its beautiful outside. I think I have told this to my co-workers about ten times, yet they don't seem to care. Which leads me to believe I am annoying, they are lazy, and I ate too much today. That last one is sort of unrelated but needed to be shared nonetheless.


downhearted in denver said...

you have so many great stories about the homeless. i am jealous. theres simply no homeless people where i live. i should come visit you and wander the streets so that i too may share in your myriad encounters of the homeless.

gabrielle's #1 blog enthusiast/supporter said...

i hate the warm weather. the warmer it gets the less clothing i wear. the less clothing i wear the fewer pockets i have. the fewer pockets i have the less shit i can carry. i have a lot of shit to carry and the man-bag isnt as socially acceptable as id like it to be before i start using one.