Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Twos Day

SO I had this whole epic idea about what I was going to write today but I've been derailed by the status of my puppy dog.

She is still very sick, and it's really just the worst feeling. They believe she has a very very serious case of pneumonia, but there is a possibility that she may have something else that they aren't treating, but they can't tell because she is too weak to do testing. She's so helpless, you know? I just want to cure her of all that ails.

Anyway shes still in the hospital, and for those of you who know Zoey, you know that she is a tough cookie so we are hoping for the best. I don't know if it is better for me to go visit her or to just stay away. Selfishly I want to see her, but is it worse for her to think that I am coming to get her to take her home? I don't know. I know it would break my heart to see her wag her tail at me and then get taken back into whatever room they keep the dogs.


Anyway on a brighter note Gossip Girl was back last night and despite some ridiculousness (okay a lot of ridiculousness) it was totally rockin.

We also had our very first kickball game last night which we won! I thought I would bust my ass trying to kick/throw/get hit with the ball but I came away unscathed.

We did decide to begin drinking before-during the games though. Should liven things up a bit.

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